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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why I love warm fuzzy lighting

Beth at The Stories of A to Z is having a Get Your Face On!! party so I decided to join in. You can read all about it here:

At first I didn't have any desire to post my face before OR after my morning daily routine. Then I looked at how many women were joining in and I couldn't believe there weren't any Mary Kay users out there! Where are all of you??

I must admit I'm a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, but prior to selling their products I USED them for 6 or 7 years. So this may seem like a gratuitous plug for my business, but I really do love this stuff.
I use these four products every day.
Timewise Cleanser, Moisturizer, Day and Night Solution
Now I know that Beth didn't ask us to post a greasy-haired-i-just-finished-working-out-and-haven't-showered-since-yesterday photo, but I wanted to show a before washing photo so you'd get the full picture.

Before I turn the water on for the shower I put on Lip Mask which is great at removing any dry skin.
That's the weird white stuff on my lips. 
This gives it a chance to work it's magic before I rinse it off in the shower.
Then I wash with the cleanser and when I get out of the shower (and let my hair dry and put it up out of my face so you can see) my face looks like this
shiny and clean and in a scary scary light.
This is where I pause and ask myself "why would you - after neglecting your blog for months - decide to plaster photos of your face taken the day BEFORE you get your eyebrows waxed all over your blog.  I mean, it's not like you didn't know you had the appointment scheduled...."
I then use either the day or night solution depending upon what time of day it is. 
I'm not going to lie.... i run out of the night solution before i use up the day solution.
The thing i like the most about the Mary Kay Timewise products is that they're created to work together.  This makes the whole applying foundation step a lot faster.  I squirt some of the moisturizer on my hand and then some of the foundation.  Then I mix them together and apply them both AT THE SAME TIME.
I also apply some of the Lip Balm and use the Age Fighting Lip Primer to seal it in.  This stuff really keeps whatever you put on your lips on your lips.  I have terribly dry lips and sealing the balm in with the primer really helps keep them moist.
This is my face (again SCARY scary light) with just the previous steps applied
Some days this is about as far as I get.  If I am going out of the house I will apply at least some mascara.  I don't know why, but mascara sort of seals the deal for me.  It doesn't matter how much other makeup I put on, if I don't put on mascara I don't feel put together.
This waterproof is the best out there.  I've been hooked for YEARS.  Everyone goes on and on about the Mary Kay Ultimate mascara, but i always come back to the waterproof formula.
Hooray for warm fuzzy lighting!  This is the normal every day look for me.  I didn't go as far as putting on any blush, eye liner, lipstick (or gloss), or eye shadow.  Maybe I'll post a pic of what that looks like AFTER my brow waxing appointment.
In order of appearance: Satin Lips Lip Balm, Timewise Cleanser Combo to Oily (refer to oily hair pic from the beginning of this post for any questions), Day or Night Formula, Moisturizer AND Foundation, Lip Balm AND Lip Primer, Mascara.
Before and After
Before and After
even with the creepy greasy hair i STILL prefer the no-flash lighting

This is why I love warm fuzzy lighting


  1. Hi! LOVE your post, and I have to commend ALL the participants for being so brave.. I am mustering up the bravery myself to maybe join in on the fun too, if I can get my NEW camera to cooperate! YEARS ago, I had a Mary Kay rep do mine and my bridesmaids' faces all up for my wedding! (1983... Hmm.. Do I really want to SAY THAT?! Oh well..) The one product I have most recently tried and will LOVE forever is the "signature" concealer! LOVE it!!! It hides the occasional stubborn blemish better than anything I've EVER used!.. I've had fun visiting from post to post for this event, and hope to have my own up soon! You look gorgeous! The skin care line makes you look absolutely radiant!.. And I've really enjoyed everyone's favorite tips and products! Nice meeting you today! ~tina

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you joined ;). I've honestly never used anything by Mary Kay before but I know those who use it are life-long devotees! Blessings!

  3. Great post. Actually I just ordered some Mary Kay Time~Wise moisturizer from my neighbor. Looking forward to getting it soon.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I am all for warm fuzzy closeup shots too! haha they are like candle light...they give everyone a nice rosy glow while hiding imperfections! I linked up too and am visiting everyone to cheer them on since it is a hard thing to bare your face before makeup! Thanks again for sharing!

  5. Great post! I use to use Mary Kay, they have great products! Your a cutie!

  6. Hi - I'm stopping by from Beth's blog. I've used Mary Kay for YEARS and really like it. The lip treatment product is excellent and I'm so glad you recommended it.


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