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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Flip This - Rollerskate Tunic

This summer is cruising by and there's so much sewing to catch you all up on.  But once again a new month has brought a new Flip and July's is fantastic.

Flip This Pattern

I can't believe I'm admitting this, but I had never used an Oliver & S pattern before.  I've heard all of the raving about them and think the designs are adorable, but there are so many things on my list that buying one of their patterns never happened.

Thanks to Frances Suzanne, I leaped at the chance (they have done AMAZING things with O&S patterns in the past) and purchased the Rollerskate Dress/Tunic pattern. 

The pattern definitely lived up to the hype.  This fully lined tunic looks great inside and out thanks to its techniques.  The construction was familiar to me, but only because I stubbornly figured out most of the construction techniques through the years on my own.  How I wish I had one of their patterns when I was a newbie!  I would highly recommend buying an Oliver & S pattern if you're a new sewist looking to branch into sewing kids clothes.  I'm not an affiliate or anything.  I was just blown away.

Anyway, back to the flip.  I knew with the 4th of July coming up that I wanted to make Bean something to wear that was fun and patriotic, but that she could also wear throughout the summer.  Since knit fabric is my favorite these days, I decided to use a nice interlock through the bodice area and for the lining, but use a heavier woven cotton fabric (that I've been hoarding) for the skirt portion. 

I also thought the neckline of the original dress (View C) was so pretty, that I mimicked it part way down the bodice on both the front and the back by color blocking the fabric.  The navy and white look so nice together and then the pop of red and white stripe is a really cute finish.

The back button is a nautical looking one that I've had in my stash for years.  I don't know where it came from, but it fit this top so well.

To recap, the only things I did to "flip" this pattern were:

use knit fabric for the bodice and lining
separate the tunic into three layers for color blocking (top bodice, bottom bodice, and skirt)

I think these few changes made for a perfect holiday tunic.  And I know Bean will have plenty of opportunity to wear this top again this summer/fall.

We had a tree cut down in our backyard to get some light through to the parts that were getting a little soggy and Bean insisted on "helping" daddy by picking up all the sticks she could find in the back yard and adding them to the pile, hehe.

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  1. A) So glad you made time to FLIP with us this month.
    B) We are tickled you liked Oliver and S patterns as much as we do.
    C) Your FLIP is precious - very patriotic, comfortable, wearable, etc. {the color-blocking is terrific inspiration}!

  2. Gasp! This is the first O+S you've sewn??? ;) Just teasing! They are great patterns. I love what you did with the tunic. With the knit on top, I'm sure it's very comfy to wear also.

  3. Great outfit. I like the shape you made when you color blocked it. And I'm really digging your stripe pairing. I don't usually do 4th of July outfits because they feel so event specific, nice solution!

  4. I love it in knit! I will have to try this out for a fall dress. I can tell you from after buying my first O+S pattern two years ago that they are wonderfully habit forming. ; )

  5. Looks lovely :) your daughter seems to like it too!

  6. This came out so great!! Love (!!) that skirt fabric, I would love that fabric for a skirt for myself. The color blocking is perfect, and I have yet to try an Oliver & S clothing pattern...I'm not sure why, just like you said, one of those things that hasn't happened yet! This is so adorable that it could just send me shopping though.....

  7. Gorgeous. It would easily be wearable for the rest of summer. I bet it's something she wants to wear a lot with the knit top.

  8. I looked at this when it was 14,000 degrees and I kept thinking "LEGGINGS?????" because I can't even imagine wearing something on my legs in that heat! I love the vertical red stripes in the dress!

  9. So cute! I just love all of the things you sew!

  10. I love the colors and especially the collar piece that stretches to the shoulder and she looks adorable in it.

  11. I so like the Roller skate tunic, colors are fantastic and love the design of the top. And by all means that little one wearing it is adorable. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

  12. I don't know how you did that neckline, but it is fabulous and perfect!

  13. I love your cute flip, so comfy and stylish!

  14. I love tunics. This looks like it will be a goid fit for a while. I love this a holiday look because it also reads nautical so it is still relevant. Great Job!
    With Love,


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