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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Figgy's Banyan Tee

One of the patterns in the spring Sew Fab Bundle was the Banyan Tee from Figgy's Patterns.  I had seen a few of them around the internet at the time and really wanted to make one for Bean.  Finally, in late July I made one. 

That tiny pocket! I don't think I'll ever get over such tiny pockets hehe.

I used a really light-weight knit from the clearance section of JoAnn.  The stripes are a dark navy, but sometimes they look a little black too.  I used the same fabric for the peter pan collar of the Tee Times Three I made for Bean this summer.  It's drapes well so the handkerchief points at the sides of the tee are really lovely.

Bean wore this tee many times in the early fall.  It was cut at the shirt length, but it was more of a tunic at the late summer.

The finishing method at the handkerchief hem is really smart.  It makes the perfect angle without a lot of crazy finagling. 

Bean has grown taller in the last few months, so the tee it's a perfect shirt length now which is great.  The picture above was taken while were at a local embroidery shop just last week.  They are smart enough to have a little kids' nook where they have a bin of toys.  It is SO much easier to pick out your embroidery threads where you have to look for all the numbers and make sure you have everything when your little one is occupied with something other than trying to unravel every skein, hehe. 

As you can see, the tee goes perfectly with a cute pair of shorts and tights for fall/winter.  The shorts are of course the Bubble Pocket Shorts I made in July. 

These last two pictures were taken on our last trip to IKEA.  She found this little tea party display and played here with the animals for a good 20 minutes.  She poured them all tea and cooked their supper, hehe.  After a long day at IKEA with mama it was fun to just let her play for a while.  Does everyone else spend an entire day once you get to IKEA?  There's so much to look at!


  1. THat's one of my favorite tops!!

  2. I have this pattern and am also guilty of not having sewn it up yet! Now to try and remember it next summer..Loving your version. I love stores with play areas- so smart!

  3. The tee looks great! I love the fall pairing of it with shorts and tights.:)

  4. Cute cute! I really love it with those shorts and tights!

  5. She looks so grown up!! Love it in the stripes!


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