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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Estherlyn's Tobago Jumper - Monthly MashUp (8)

If you're looking for the details of this monthly series you can check out the introduction post.

Monthly MashUp - with Call Ajaire

After months of figuring out what the Monthly MashUp and mash-a-long format should be, I have settled on a schedule that is sure to please.  The Monthly MashUp will now extend the entire month with a weekly post on Thursday.  With an every Thursday post, the schedule will be easy to follow and there will be plenty of room to fit in all the goodies that go along with the MashUp, including the giveaway and mash-a-long.
August's Monthly MashUp mash-a-long schedule will be:

Thursday 8/7: Introduce the patterns and open the giveaway (giveaway ends on 8/20 at midnight EST)
Thursday 8/14: Reveal the MashUp, alter the patterns, and open the link up (open until 8/27 at midnight EST)
Thursday 8/21: Begin sewing the MashUp with the Giveaway winner announced on Facebook and Instagram
Thursday 8/28: Share the details of the MashUp and features from the link up

This month's MashUp is a great back to school look.  The patterns are the new Estherlyn's Jumper from The Merry Church Mouse and The Tobago Tank from Sis Boom.  Both patterns are for sure going to get a lot of use at our house, but the MashUp made me love them even more.

Estherlyn's Jumper is a new pattern from fellow Pattern Workshop (*affiliate link) classmate Linda of The Merry Church Mouse and I couldn't be more pleased with its construction.  The jumper can be either fully lined or just lined around the bodice, but either way the seams inside the bodice are well concealed.  The apron panel is a great way to either feature a fun fabric or you can use a trim along edge for a bit of contrast.

For Bean's 3T Estherlyn I used a charcoal double gauze and a pink sateen for the partial lining/piping.  The sateen is heavy enough to provide stability in the bodice and the double gauze gives the skirt an airy feel which is perfect for the warm weather we're having.  The double gauze will also work well when layered with tights or leggings this winter.

Some of the finer details in the pattern that I really appreciate are the print guide which lists exactly which pages to print for the size you want to make and the colored pattern cutting lines which also have different dash marks so if you want to print in black and white you will still be able to distinguish the correct size.  

Estherlyn's Jumper is a great beginner pattern with lots of little highlighted tips and Linda offers a few bonus tutorials on her blog which will help out with any steps you're not familiar with.  The buttonholes are probably the most difficult part of the pattern and you could certainly use snaps instead.

The size range is from 3M to 10Years and the design is perfect for layering over a top and tights in winter or wearing on it's own in warmer weather.  It's even great in the rain, which of course stopped as soon as we got out the umbrella and started taking pictures, hehe.  Oh well, Bean had fun in the sun with her panda umbrella.

The Tobago Tank is another great pattern from Sis Boom.  This bias cut tank has options for multiple lengths from top to long dress.  Cutting the fabric on the bias as suggested allows the a-line shape to drape beautifully, but don't worry if you have a directional fabric because I've seen lovely Tobagos cut on the straight grain too.

The pattern construction is straightforward and easy to follow.  The facings are sewn into the top in a different way than I am used to, but the result is a nicely finished bodice inside and out. I love it when a pattern teaches me a new or reminds me of an old technique.  That's one of my favorite things about using other designers' patterns!

I chose the notched neckline for Bean's 3T Tobago at the 16" (next to shortest) length.  The way the lengths are calculated is fantastic.  There is a chart which shows where on the average leg the length will fall for each size so it's easy to visually choose a length.

The subtle curved hemline is lovely with the drape of the top.

The Tobago Tank size range is 3-6M to 13-14Years and in the smaller sizes (through 3-4) the back has an opening which can be closed with a button and loop or ribbon ties.  For the larger sizes the opening isn't necessary, but since toddlers/babies have disproportional heads it's a really sweet touch.

Next Thursday I'll reveal the MashUp (keep an eye out this week for sneak peeks on Instagram and Facebook) and we'll start the pattern alterations, but if you'd like to mash-a-long then first you'll need the patterns.  The Tobago Tank can be purchased here and Estherlyn's Jumper can be purchased here.  The Merry Church Mouse is offering 25% off of the Estherlyn so be sure to use coupon code MASHUP.  Enter the giveaway rafflecopter below for a chance to win both pdf patterns which have been generously donated by the designers.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Be sure to follow the Monthly MashUp Pinterest board if you'd like some more inspiration for garments to mash and I'd love you to share the Monthly MashUp button somewhere on your blog:

Call Ajaire Monthly MashUp
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**the patterns for the giveaway have been generously donated, but all opinions are mine.


  1. So excited to be a part of this month's mash up! Your Estherlyn and Tobago are just lovely, can't wait to see the combination of the two! :)

  2. Wow I what a sweet dress! The top is cute too- I want to go look at it, since it would fit my baby for a year or 2 at least:) love the pink contrasting lining with rain boots. Adorable!

  3. Amy, which are you looking at? The top? It's a great shape and the fit adjustments for height are so well explained. The dress is super duper cute and I can't wait for Bean to wear it in the fall with boots. It's going to be amazing :)

  4. Linda, I love the pattern and can't wait to reveal the mashUp too!

  5. The dress is beautiful and classic, and that top is so sweet! I love the pink boots too! Well done! :)

  6. Thank you Terri! She wears those boots all the time haha. It's easier to let her wear them when it's sunny out, then to argue about it with a 3 year old ;) And yes, I agree that the jumper is a great classic shape.

  7. Love the obits with the pink of the jumper!

  8. Yay! This is so cute! Would love to win!

  9. The top is cute, but I love the jumper with the pop of pink!

  10. I love the pop of pink on your Estherlyn. Thanks for the inspiration to get sewing for my littles!

  11. Jill Woodson McFeeAugust 7, 2014 at 5:32 PM

    Love these both! The little dress is so classic. I would love to feel it. I love me some double gauze!!
    Your mashups are always so good. I might have to play along sometime.

  12. They are both cute- but that jumper is just too perfect! I'm excited to see the mash!

  13. I love the boots with anything haha

  14. Thanks Ula! It's so soft and comfy looking in person too :)

  15. I hope you'll make one of your own and share it with us. These are both such great patterns :) Thanks for coming by Hope!

  16. Jill I would love that! And don't forget that when the link up opens later this week that you can link any mashUp from the past month so it wouldn't have to be this specific one. :) And you know how much I love double gauze too!

  17. Thanks Rachel! I can't wait to show it this week. It's been eating away at me not to reveal it on instagram ;)

  18. This dress is so sweet. I'm excited to see the mash!

  19. These are so lovely! Look perfect for my little granddaugthers.

  20. That jumper is beyond cute,,and anything by SisBoom is a winner in my mind. I'll have to put my thinking cap on for this! Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. Beautiful clothing!

  22. I've been eyeing the tobago pattern - would love to win both of these! Thanks for the review and giveaway


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