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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Organic Fabrics, a Pattern Review, and an Easter Dress

both the fabrics and the pattern in this post were sent to me for review, but as always all opinions are my own.

This post was planned for the end of last week, but as with most plans since I became a mother, it changed at the last minute.  It feels like between the three of us in our house someone has had some sort of sickies for the past few weeks and last Thursday it was my turn.  I was down for about two days and worst of all it was the two days I had arranged for some solo sewing time, so of course I fell terribly behind.  Luckily I was still able to finish this lovely Easter dress in time for Sunday!

The dress pattern is the A Line A La Mode dress from Blank Slate Patterns.  The front zipper detail elevates the look of the classic A line shape with a Peter Pan collar to a modern style.

The pattern sizes run from 18M to 8 and according to the size chart Bean was at a 3t.  I sewed the 3t with 4 length and it's just right!

The fabrics for this dress came from Organic Cotton Plus and if you haven't purchased from them yet, you are missing out.  The solid orchid color that I used for the collar is this 110" sateen sheeting and the print is this 110" sateen.  I am a huge fan of sateen and these 100% organic fabrics have just the right amount of sheen to make them stand out for special occasions, yet the wear and care of the fabrics are great for every day wear.  With the extreme width of these 110" sateens, they are perfect for use in bedding.  I'll definitely be making some sheets for Bean once she upgrades from her toddler bed so I'm already looking at the rest of the prints to find one she'll love (here's a purple one she'd flip for).

Organic Cotton Plus also sent me this lovely lilac braided ribbon.  It's available as 25 yard continuous skeins so it can easily be used for yarn crafts.  I had decided to add a bit of trim to the banded sleeve of the A Line A La Mode to make it special for Easter, so I crocheted a scallop shape using the ribbon and sewed it onto the sleeve where the band would go.  The band was used instead as binding to cover the raw edges underneath the sleeve.

The dress pattern sews together quickly with its detailed instructions so there was no problem getting it finished last minute.  Thank goodness, because it was just the right look for visiting with the Easter bunny Easter morning!


  1. I was dying to see this dress! I adore the crochet trim. I wish you would make it by the yard and sell it. Id add it to everything! Very cute, and a great last minute sew!

  2. It's beautiful fabric isn't it! Such a cute Easter dress. I'm impressed my kids would be terrified of the bunny ;)

  3. Just adorable, Ajaire. You do beautiful work! :)

  4. I love your version! I just sewed one up too!!
    Beautiful fabric and I love the trim on the sleeves,

  5. Thanks Amy! It was actually pretty easy to crochet those little sections of trim. Yards though? Who has time for that? ;)

  6. Rachel, she is in LOVE with the Easter Bunny. Like she has an actual crush on him. The first year she ran right up to him and after the fiasco that was trying to sit with santa just a few months prior I hadn't even planned to attempt it. But she ran up to him and showed him her easter eggs and tried to have a whole conversation with him. And it's been the same each year now. She has no fear of him at all. Santa though is still a little scary :)

  7. Thank you Linda!! That's high praise!

  8. I missed yours! I'll head over to check it out now. Thanks for coming by and congrats on your stuffy win :)

  9. I am posting tomorrow:)
    I love that you sewed this one up!

  10. The dress is precious! I love the crochet trim at the sleeves. The print is perfect for spring and is perfect for this dress pattern.


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