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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Debut

There's a super fun Holiday tour going on this week and I am so excited to participate!  The three ladies behind The Wolf and Tree, Hello Holli, and Chalk and Notch have banded together to celebrate their debut year of pattern design.  I'm sure you've seen the three featured patterns around this year as they were VERY successful, but 24 bloggers got together to mix and match the three for the holidays.

Now normally on blog tours I like to add a twist or spin to the patterns to show some of the versatility, but these three are already so good on their own I stuck to the patterns as is.  Note: I had a Fishtail Kimono cut out, but didn't get the chance to sew it up before pics were due (it's stitched now!) so I will share that along with another fun piece I'm adding to this look before Christmas.

The Blue Ridge Dress by Hello Holli has been on my list since the summer.  It has such a sweet shape and the details are lovely.  I sewed it as is in size 5 and love it.  The length is a little longer than I would normally like since I prefer shorter dresses on Bean, but I have a fun surprise that I'm adding which will affect the length so it's exactly where it should be.

I made the Abbey's Footed Tights by The Wolf and Tree which I've made a bunch of times already (here).  This crazy gold fabric from JoAnn has very little stretch so I should have used the 2-way knit pattern piece, but I used the 4-way instead.  I plan to cut the feet off for leggings which is why I made the 4-way.  I have a plan, hehe.  In the meantime they work great with this outfit along with a pair of The Next Step shoes from Freshly Picked in rose gold.

The skirt fabric is a double gauze from Imagine Gnats from the Monochrome collection (*affiliate link) and I adore those gold details. I like to use reds and golds for Bean's Christmas outfits so they can be worn again through Valentine's Day, hehe.

The bodice of the dress is made with this funky fabric from JoAnn.  It has little hanging tabs which give some movement to the dress when Bean runs around.

Here's a pick of Bean laughing which shows how those tabs move around.  This also shows the truer color of the gold knit I used for the tights and the bindings.  It's hard to get a good pic with everything so shiny!

The back might be my favorite though,  The single button closure and the slightly open slit are so pretty with those hanging tabs.  I will definitely make another Blue Ridge when the weather warms up.  And speaking of warm, the FishTail Kimono by Chalk and Notch will be the perfect thing for a cover up this winter.  I used some amazing fabric and can't wait to show you what the completed outfit looks like!  In the meantime, head over to the other spots on the tour for tons of inspiration.  

There's also a giveaway full of awesome prizes you'll want to enter!

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