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Friday, June 24, 2016

One Thimble - Designer Swap Issue 11

Have you purchased One Thimble Issue 11 (*affiliate link) yet?  Today I'm sharing yet another thing I've made with this great magazine!  This post contains affiliate links, but as always the opinions are mine.

When I first saw the adorable Bear and Bunny Quilt (affiliate link) by Horris and Deedle in the e-zine, I fell in love with it.  It's such a cute baby blanket and with the cool stripes the pattern is both modern and simple to put together.

The pattern includes appliques for four creatures: a brown bear, a polar bear, a frog, and a bunny.  I modified the bears to make Bean a cute panda bear of course.

For the backing I gave it a little interest by splitting the pieces and adding a strip of the triangle fabric.  I made this right after Issue 11 was released and Bean has been using it ALL THE TIME since then so it's been washed several times.  You can see a bit of fuzz against the black, but the fabrics and quilting have held up really well.

I gave this quilt to Bean for her birthday and she fell in love with it immediately.  There's a huge bang for your buck factor to this quilt as the applique is simple and fast and then the rest is just long strips to sew together.  I quilted just on either side of each strip and then around the panda just to keep things in place since I knew it'd be well-loved.  This is probably my go-to now for baby shower gifts!  It's so easy to customize and the appliques are all adorable.  If you're still dragging your feet about getting One Thimble Issue 11, the cute baby shower gift options might be what tips you over the edge!

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