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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Pool Side Beach Party - Free Pattern!

Summer is in full swing around here, so it's time to celebrate with a virtual pool/beach party!  I've joined the Pool Side Beach Party tour hosted by Lulu & Celeste and Sprouting Jube Jube and have a free pattern to share with you.

I designed this Sand-Free Beach Tote a couple of years ago and have been meaning turn it into a free pattern for you guys to download.  This Pool Side Beach Party tour was the perfect excuse!

The tote starts out as a circle blanket to use at the beach or for a picnic.

Then when you pull the straps, the edges gather to collect all the "stuff" and it becomes a bag.  The mesh panel at the center becomes the bottom so all the sand can filter through and not end up stuck in the bottom of the bag.  We've used the original tote I made for a few years now at the pool and LOVE it.  When we get home from the pool I throw the bag (minus the toys) in the washer and since the mesh is that laundry bag type of mesh the whole thing launders great!

Download the free pattern here and join the Designs by Call Ajaire Facebook group to share your tote!

Join the rest of the bloggers on the virtual tour by clicking the links below:

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