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Thursday, August 11, 2016

One Thimble Issue 12 Release

It's release day for Issue 12 of One Thimble!  I'm really excited about all of the patterns in this issue (and I'll share more about those in the coming days), but I'm also thrilled to have an article in this issue.  This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are mine.

The article talks you through making fabric from the tiniest scraps and serger run-off (do throw those away!!) and then using it in a garment or other fun sewing project.  I tell you this with every issue, but I can't speak highly enough of the quality in the One Thimble (*affiliate link) e-zine articles.  The patterns are always good, but the rest of the "reads" contain so much good information that they alone would be worth the price.  Consider getting a subscription (*affiliate link) or purchasing right away, because there's a bonus that only the subscribers and early birds receive!

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