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Friday, September 14, 2012

Biased Romper

I made yet another romper for Project Run and Play this week, hehe.  The theme was a remix of No Big Dill's a Very Biased Skirt.

I'm no stranger to using fabric on the bias. I like how it allows the fabric to hang nicely so I've made several skirts that way for myself.  In quilting there's a lot of bias tape used and generally I do make it using the bias.  However, when I'm making bias tape for clothing I don't always cut it truly on the bias (I always kind of feel like I'm cheating though, hehe).

Katy's tutorial mentions how cutting on the bias allows for strips that don't fray (or at least not easily).  It may take extra time to locate the bias and cut in that direction, but since there is little edge finishing necessary the process saves a lot of time.  And it's an easy way to add some texture and fun details to an outfit without a lot of extra work.

The weather is changing here finally and we're getting some cooler days.  I plan to use most of these PR&P weeks to make Bean some warmer weather clothes, but I've had this romper in my head for awhile so I needed to make it.  To be honest I made one that is similar a few weeks ago, but I wanted to see how it'd look with the bias strips and some ruffles.

From the front the romper looks like a short dress with quilting weight cotton fabric.

And from the back it looks like a cute knit romper.
The knit fabric is this lavender soft jersey so it is really comfortable to toddle around in.  I attached the quilting cotton panel to the front of the romper for a dressier look.  The panel has two big pleats so it fans out as Bean moves around.

The bias strips in alternating colors of purple on the top was easy to do and I like the look.  I used more bias strips to make some ruffles down the skirt panel, but I'm not sure I love that part.  I was going to remove just the ruffles, but then Bean's daddy came home and he said they were too cute to remove.  So for now they'll stay, hehe.

One thing that's nice about strips cut on the bias, is that the ends (when cut at 90 degrees) won't fray easily either.  So I didn't finish the ends of the ruffle strips.  I let them hang down and they are sewn at different lengths so they flop about when she's up and moving.

I actually cut the skirt panel on the bias as well, so that's yet another edge that isn't finished.  It'll be interesting to see how well this holds up to washing.  I like the idea of a little fringe or a slightly worn look so it should be fine.

Here you can see the back and how roomy it is.  We should still have plenty of warm days to wear it so I wanted to make sure it was comfy.  I cut a slit at the back neck and made a button with the darker of the purple fabrics.  I wanted a little bit of something to jazz up the back and I think the button works well.  I have become obsessed with making buttons lately!  I don't know why I never did it before; it's a perfect detail.

The idea for this romper came from one that was a hand me down earlier this summer.  It was entirely in knit, but there was a front pleated panel.  I didn't care for the colors or fabric design of the outfit, but I fell in love with the shape.  I thought it would be cute to have the front panel made out of a fun fabric and still keep the comfort of the knit romper.

Bean seems to like it, hehe.
I have pictures of the construction, so I'll post a quick tutorial early next week.  First I need to decide what to make for next week's theme.....


  1. Wow, I'm so out of the loop. I haven't read anyone's blog since school started!! This romper is cute. It reminds me of a car wash.

  2. Love your romper! My babies had RTW garments shaped like that too, and I always liked the knit-comfort and the skirt-cuteness.

    1. Isn't it just the cutest on babies? I love rompers. I plan to keep her in rompers as long as I can ;)


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