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Friday, January 18, 2013

Polka Stripes

I really stretched myself this week for Project Run & Play's polka dots and stripes week. I haven't had a ton of "from scratch" inspiration lately, but of course this (BUSY) week is when it hit. 

I so loved LBG Studio's look from week one and I knew I had to bag what I had already planned and start over.  And by "start over" I mean in my head because of course I hadn't actually started drafting, cutting out, or sewing anything yet.  I merely had a plan of what I would make and which fabrics I would use.  All that however, was tossed away.  I'm so glad too.

I decided to make a jumper that I've had in my head for a while, but with bubble shorts instead of a skirt.  The bubble shorts/tights is what most inspired me from the LBG look.  That being thought, I had no bubble shorts from which to draw from, so I started drafting. 

From that came tiny pin pleats in front and back and a little gathered edge on the outside leg.  I sewed a home made bias tape band around the legs to keep everything tidy.  I also made the bubble extra big because Bean wears cloth diapers and when she moves around I wanted it to remain comfortable.

For weeks I've been dreaming up a jumper that has a top shape similar to the middle section of the Maggie Mae Tunic from Shwin Designs.  I made one of these in December and fell in love with the pattern.  I really wanted to see the shape in jumper form. 

So I adjusted the basic middle bodice pattern and created a lining.  I added button holes to the front and straps in between the exterior and lining in the back to create the jumper.  I also used some interfacing just to make sure the buttons in front didn't make the whole thing sag.

Coordinating pink polka dot fabric covered buttons (I'm OBSESSED) completed the look.  I am so pleased with how this first try came out.  I definitely want to add ruffles to the top of the straps next time.  This may sound odd, but trust me it'll be sooo cute, hehe.

And since this was polka dots AND stripes week I whipped up a shirt.  The fabric is from one of my favorite old knit shirts.  It was just is a little too short to be age appropriate for me these days, so I made the sacrifice to make something adorable for Bean.

The fabric was just horizontal stripes, but I wanted something different so I took the top of the bodice and created a chevron with the stripes.  I then just took the bodice bottom (original hem) and gathered it a bit in front and back, added sleeves (kept the original cuffs), added a different color pink neckline, and voila!  Quick refashion.  It had to be quick because I was down to the wire with the rest of the sewing this week, hehe.

Speaking of quick, I made a pair of leggings this morning in the same color I used for the neckline of the shirt.  I dreamed last night that this would tie everything together.  At least they look comfy with the top.  I might be going insane, hehe.

Yeah, she's not supposed to have that camera case.  But it made her hold (almost) still for a second so...

Here you can see there is plenty of room for her cloth diapered booty, hehe.  Also, I didn't plan on the polka dot sheets being on the crib for these photos, but I have loved how they look with the striped crib rail protector I made so I have them on there A LOT.  I guess this stripes and polka dot thing was meant to be, hehe.

**update: This was featured on Shaffer Sisters!

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  1. Your romper is seriously adorable!!! ANd she is such a cutie.....

  2. Did you really dream that the leggings would work or did you hope they would? Because if you're dreaming in patterns, then it must mean you're fluent. LIke when you dream in a language.

  3. The romper/jumper is perfect! I'm seriously impressed!

  4. Um yes it was a dream. If it wasn't a dream I would have tried to piece together parts if the old striped shirt. I seriously made these pants in the 20 minutes between when I woke up and bean woke up. I was worried I'd change my mind :)

  5. Darling! i love the pink with the brown.

  6. Adorable. Good job!

  7. Really cute jumper! I love brown and pink together!

    T'onna @ Submarine Sunday Link Party

  8. What a great comfy outfit for your little one! Great job!

  9. this is so very cute! I must work out how to make one! Pinning! thank you.


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