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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Flip This - Drop Waist Tinny

It's yet another Flip This Pattern monthly sew along deadline and boy did I cut this one close.  I've even had the pieces cut out and ready to sew for over a week and still didn't get started until naptime yesterday.  This morning I marathon sewed together what I didn't finish in the short hour yesterday and I cannot believe how smoothly everything went.  This is testament only to the original pattern, because nothing ever goes quite this smoothly for me.  Every seam matched up just perfectly. 

This month's pattern to flip is Straight Grain's Tinny Dress.  There are already many different sleeve, skirt, and collar options included in the pattern so it made flipping it a little tricky.  Right away though, I knew I wanted to drop the waist with the circle skirt.

I extended the pieces for the bodice about four or so inches, keeping the same slight curve along the bottom edge.

Then I shortened the skirt by about five or six inches since I knew I wanted this dress to be a little shorter than the original.  In the picture above, the top piece is the original pattern piece and the one below it is what I used.

I've had this gingham apple fabric seemingly forever and I've gone through phases of loving it and then wondering why I ever bought it.  Recently I was going through my stash, saw it, and immediately fell in love again.  I really like how it looks on the bias, so that's how I cut out the bodice pieces.  I think it's so much more interesting than if it were cut in the "correct" direction.

The apples are shaded in different colors of red so I used a bright red for the skirt, sleeves, and collar and then a darker maroon colored shirting for piping to add some depth and tone down that bright red.

Since I was using such a great bright color red zipper, I decided to have it exposed in the back and not run down the entire back to the skirt, but just enough to help get the dress on and off.

I used the tulip sleeves, but instead of attaching them so they would be turned up as a cuff, I shortened the sleeve a bit and then attached the "petals" so they would turn down.  I really like how this looks on Bean more than just on the hanger.

The butterfly peter pan style was what I used as a basic template for the collar, but I did less of a curve at the shoulders and flattened it out a bit instead.  This way it looks more wavy than butterfly. 

I think the length turned out just right for the drop waist style I was looking for.  A bonus is that this will look adorable as a peplum-ish top with a pair of jeggings later this fall.

We rushed to take pictures right after Bean woke from her nap this afternoon, so she was a little out of it still hehe.  She loves the kitties at the farm though.  They are extra friendly and rub against her and let her pet them as much as she wants.

Flip This Pattern

This month there were four competitors in the viewer's choice category and they were all amazing.  Voting will be up until the 25th so don't forget to vote for your favorite of the four flips.  I'm later than I'd like in entering the sew-along, but there are so many great looks in that linky that I can't wait to click on and check out.

**Update this was featured by the Shaffer Sisters!

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  1. Nicely done. The dress looks so adorable on your sweet little Bean!

  2. Cute! And I definitely think it will be adorable with a pair of jeggings when the weather gets colder.

  3. Soo cute- love the wavy skirt bottom - matches the wavy collar nicely.

  4. Glad you made it in under the wire....ours is waiting to be rinsed out now {glad we can't compete :)}.... Great plan on 'continued wear' for winter!

  5. So cute! I love the drop waist.

  6. So cute! I love the drop waist.

  7. I love when you can stretch garment-wearage into the next season:) That will be great for fall!

  8. I love the length. It's just a hint of a skirt at the bottom and it's really cute on her.

  9. Cute! I love the drop waist look.

  10. This is such an adorable dress! Bold yet sweet at the same time.

  11. What a great idea to drop the waist!
    I will have to remember this one.

  12. That's lovely! The lenght hits at the right position.
    I love that circle skirt on your drop waist. ;)

  13. Such a cute dress! I never think making Tinny dress skirt low waist :)

  14. adorable! I found your post via Shaffer Sisters. Have a great day!

  15. So cute!!! I love the drop waist and tulip sleeves in this dress!

  16. Ajaire!!! I love the drop waist on this, it is PERFECT!! I always love seeing what you do, because I get to see what it looks like on a two-year-old! Well done!


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