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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Peasant Tunic

For day three of my summer wrap up I'd like to share a great summer top.  Earlier this month I helped Donna and Rachel from Once Upon a Sewing Machine with testing their Peasant Dress pattern.  Once Upon a Sewing Machine is one of my favorites.  A mother/daughter team, they live too far away from one another to see each other every day so their blog is a great way for them to connect and share their love of sewing.  I think it's really sweet and adore both of their posting styles.

If you're familiar with their blog, you will recognize this tunic/top/dress since they have generously posted the pattern instructions on their blog in a series of posts this summer.  There are four different styles and they are all adorable, yet easy to sew. 

I sewed a classic peasant style tunic with a solid color shirred short sleeve.  You can find their digitized pattern for free here.  It's sized to fit through two different sizes which is great for when your kid is growing like a weed, like Bean is this summer. 

In their Etsy Shop they are offering the pattern instructions compiled together into one pdf.  Their blog post tutorials will remain free, as will the pattern pieces, but as someone who used the pdf instructions I can happily say the pdf version flows nicely and is worth purchasing.

I love the way this Peasant Tunic fits Bean right now.  She wore it to one of the local county fairs and it just looked so comfortable and breezy all day.  I paired it with some jeggings which she had outgrown in length.  I just cut off part of the leg and then rolled up and tacked down a quick cuff that morning when I realized she didn't have any clean shorts, hehe.  They turned out really adorable.

In other news, when did she start looking so grown up?  I mean for a two year old, but still.

I really enjoyed making this top and Bean enjoyed blowing bubbles while wearing it, hehe.  Thank you to Rachel and Donna for such a great pattern.

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  1. Super cute! I remember seeing this on instagram and thinking it was adorable. I really love that patterned fabric you used for the body! Thanks for sharing the pattern, I am a big fan of both peasant tops and free patterns. The bad news is, now there's another blog I need to follow!

  2. Thanks for sharing! And testing out our sizing, your version is very cute :)


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