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Friday, February 28, 2014

Cotton Lawn Mini Penny

Ages ago I bought some of this gorgeous navy floral cotton lawn from Imagine Gnats.  It was back before Bean sprouted up and I could actually do something with a small amount of fabric.  Since it was my first purchase of this fabric (I like to feel the fabrics before I commit) I only ordered a half a yard or something ridiculous like that.  Of course then the color sold out and Rachael wasn't able to find it to order again so I was left shaking my head for being a dummy.  There are other colors and I have some of the purple floral, but there was something I adored about that navy so I was determined to find a use for it.

Then the Mini Penny Pinafore entered my life and I thought maybe it would work to use the lawn for just the center portion of the dress.  Also if I made it a shirt length then I'd have more then enough to work with (or maybe squeeze out two shirts).

Now the pattern instructions are clear that this is a pattern meant for knits and I totally agree.  There needs to be stretch in the neckline and around the outside sleeve/armscye seams.  However, my only worry with using the woven for just the center pieces was that the neckline wouldn't have enough stretch.  The opening looked large enough, but you know how big kids' heads are so I crossed my fingers and sewed away.

And it totally worked.  The neckline has just enough stretch with the small amount of ribbing I used for the collar that it goes on without a hitch.  I think the lawn being somewhat on a bias at the neckline (or some of it is as you go along the neckline) may also help with the stretch a bit.

And the rest of the 3T top fits perfectly.  Bean had worn the shirt all day (and two other times before that) so there are some wrinkles in these pics, but trust me, the fit is just right.  The pants she's wearing are the Hosh jeans I made here.  Again, they were worn all day so there may also be some wrinkles (or mud) on them, hehe.

I am so excited about the possibilities with the addition of a woven center panel for this pattern.  This was one of the February Monthly MashUp patterns so we already have lots of neckline options, but this adds so much more.  Bean being comfortable in her clothes is so important to me and there's something sweet about the idea of the knit fabric sort of hugging her in at the side panels.

because I know my sister will ask... I have no idea what she is doing in this pic, hehe
So what do you think?  Any other ideas of what could be made for an almost three year old with just a half of a yard of fabric?


  1. Fabulous! I'd wear that shirt!! How about a button up blouse with contrasting yoke for a half yard?!

  2. Good to know this worked! I have a chunk of something I love that I also only have 1/2 yd of. I saw it long after I should have actually bought it and just grabbed what I could. I'm using it in a yoke and cuff detail. Though then I forgot the seam allowance on that top so jury is still out!

  3. I'm starting to think we were never comfortable in our clothes growing up because you mention bean being comfortable a lot and I always agree. It makes me think we must have been dressed in starched, itchy clothes! Must have been all those years of just wearing skirts and dresses that did it!!

  4. so beautiful and inspiring. the colours go great together.

  5. Haha. Maybe! I have no idea why it's always on my mind. I don't have any direct memories of being uncomfortable, but I may have repressed them ;)

  6. This is the cutest thing I have ever laid eyes on.

  7. The top is almost as adorable as she is!;) Seriously, I love the look of the woven with the knit. I'm going to have to try this out with some of my smaller cuts of wovens.

  8. She was clearly channeling her inner Em.

  9. I was so happy it worked out Cindy! I have this dream that it would work for the ladies version too, but I'm not sure with the bust. I haven't even sewn an entirely knit one yet. I loved all the tester ones I saw out there and then I've been swamped since I bought the pattern :)


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