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Friday, March 14, 2014


Sorry I've been a little MIA over the past week, but I've been busy, busy behind the scenes, I promise.  My Bio is up today on Project Run & Play's site, which of course makes everything seem more real and stressful, hehe.

Season 9 starts on the 24th of March and there is lots to do before it gets here.  I have a couple of fun things to post next week that are not Project Run & Play related so you can look forward to that, too.

In the meantime, here is a picture of a couple of cute newborn things I made for one of my friend's new baby girl.  She's a foster baby so even though they will probably not be able to keep her forever, I wanted to send something she could wear while she is in their care.  The pants were self drafted ages ago and they are super quick to make.

The jumper is the Jamie Jumper from the Little One Layette patterns by Fishsticks Designs.  I love this pattern.  I drafted a similar one with a zipper when Bean was a baby, but who knows were that pattern went so I opted to print out this Fishsticks one.  Also, sometimes it's easier when sewing for someone else's kids to just use a pattern you trust for sizing, you know?

Speaking of sizing, I like to throw a tailor's tape (*affiliate link) into the gift box that the receiver can throw in their junk drawer so the next time I call asking for their kid's sizes they'll be able to take them.  I've had enough conversations where I explain that first you'll need to put a string around the kid's waist and then measure the string only to have the parent explain that they don't have string.  So even though dental floss would work in a pinch (except everyone's using those dang placker things now), it's a lot easier to just send along a flexible tape measure, hehe.

Anyway, be sure to check back next week to see just what I've been getting up to behind the scenes over here!


  1. Ooooh, I just read your bio-it's real now!! I just got a super bad case of nerves; I cannot imagine how YOU must feel! Know this: we have a ton of faith in you!! Good job on baby clothes. You can't really have too many rompers and cozy little outfits:)

  2. They are adorable. I remember when my parents used to take in foster kids when we were young and it was always a rush to get everything they needed because they had little or no notice.

  3. I don't know how there can be people who don't have string OR dental floss OR a tape measure. I would think one of the 3 of those would not be such a weird thing to have. BUt I used to babysit for someone who never had paper in the house. Not lined paper, not printer paper. I couldn't imagine what they used to jot things down (this was way before iphones or tablets where they might have just been putting their notes). It seems like we always had those kinds of things in our house growing up, like they were what people had hanging around in everyone's houses!

  4. Thanks Amy!! I have so much to finish this weekend and I'm just crossing my fingers that it all comes out ok :) Oh and did I mention my serger died and I had to take it to be fixed? Terrible timing.

  5. I can't imagine how crazy the rush must be. Especially for a newborn baby. How wonderful of your parents to foster. It takes a special kind of person to take others in. Thanks for coming by Jennifer!

  6. I love that you included a tailor's tape in the package! I'm going to have to remember that for next time I send a gift :)

    I nominated your blog for a Liebster award :) I know you're pretty busy for the next month, but here's a link if you are interested:

  7. Thanks Teri! That's really sweet. JoAnn fabrics has lots of different colors of tailor's tape too so you could use green or blue for a boy and pink like I did for a girl :)

  8. The measuring tape is such a clever idea!


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