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Friday, November 21, 2014

Rouche & Division Top

Jessica Bustos is on a roll with her Lil' Luxe Collection of patterns.  The newest pattern is the Rouche & Division Top (*affiliate link) which I was happy to help her test so I've already made Bean three of them!

It's a swing style top with a back division that you can use to mix up prints or textures.  That's right, the Rouche Division top can be made with knits, wovens, or a mixture of the two!  And you know how much I love mixing knits and wovens.  The one pictured above might be my favorite, but it's hard to pick.  The main fabric is a metallic striped knit interlock from the clearance bin at JoAnn Fabrics and the division is made from a leftover piece of quilting cotton that I used for the Kenzie's Party skirt.

from Instagram

The other part of the pattern's name comes from the optional rouching at the shoulder.  For those of you from Chicago, the name was inspired by Rush and Division.  This all jersey knit floral and striped version I made has the rouching and I just adore it.  The wide boatneck sits just perfectly on the edge of Bean's shoulders which is really lovely.

from Instagram

I also made this solid backed version with rouching out of some of that Shetland Flannel (*affiliate link) from Imagine Gnats that I'm currently obsessed with.  The solid back still has the pleat at the top and the same swing shape, but there is only one piece to cut out instead of three.

The swing shape is so pretty.  It flares just enough to give some movement, especially in the heavier fabrics.

There is also a short sleeved option which we'll definitely be using next spring.  The sizing is from 18M to 8Y so lots of your little girls will be wearing these tops this winter/spring as well - I'm sure of it!

Jessica, wrote a great blog post recently about who she is and where she comes from in terms of design.  She is super talented, but if you're wondering how she has burst on the scene with so many amazing designs in her fall line it's worth the read.  My favorite part is where her mother says she's had a "five year plan since she was five years old."  Haha!

It's true you can tell she has a motor and it's pretty exciting seeing her designs come to life.  I look forward to her spring collection, but for now keep an eye out for a holiday tour of the Lil Luxe Collection fall line!


  1. I really like the roughed arms!

  2. Thanks Sarah! Emmy would rock it. Well for that matter so would you!

  3. I really love the leaves too Rachel. It was one of those perfect color days. Just not so much dystopian haha.

  4. So far I've really enjoyed the movies. We're supposed to see the next one in a couple of weeks and I'm excited about it :)

  5. This actually was pretty easy to make Melissa. The hardest part was getting the rope covered with yarn and crocheting it together. The knitting was mostly just the two triangles. I can't wait to see yours!


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