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Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Mackinaw Coat Sew-a-long - Inspiration

For day 3 of the Mackinaw Coat Sew-a-long we'll take a look at some of the amazing coats the testers made.  I was super impressed with the range of fabrics they chose and it's a great sampling of what you can make with this pattern.

To refresh, there are four views of the pattern: dramatic collar for girls which has a pleated bottom, dramatic collar for boys which has a straight bottom, regular collar for girls, and regular collar for boys.  There's a belt or buttoned sash option, but the coat looks just as good without anything tied across the waist.  I have to take a moment to say these ladies were an amazing test group.  There were all sorts of issues from computer troubles to sick kids to snow days, but they powered through.  For the majority of the test period they had very scaled down instructions to work from so the resulting coats were a near miracle.  I can't thank them enough for continuing to work while I fought with my computer and redid the tutorial and illustrations.  Now take a look at their hard work realized and click on the links for more details on some of the coats.

Amy from Friends Stitched Together made two coats during this test period and this one made with lovely Mabel Madison fabrics is so cozy looking.  It'll be perfect for that Alaska trip they're planning. * Katie is a good friend that lives nearby (gasp!  a real life friend! hehe) and her girl looks so stylish in denim and faux fur.  This was before buttons/buttonholes, but I kind of love the look of the coat just tied closed. * Kate from Needles to Say (love that blog name by the way!) took these amazing pics of her dapper young man and it has me wanting a black and white Mackinaw of my own. * Glenda's coat came out so great and that hat she made to match is just too adorable!

Lindley's girl looks just perfect in her Mackinaw.  It'd be a great Easter coat. * The super hero fabric Athyena used for her boy had him all smiles in her pics and I have to concur. * Oh and speaking of fabrics, I'm totally in love with the colors Ashley used in her coat.  That collar! * Another collar to feature is Maria Luisa's.  Those fabrics are just darling and have me longing for spring.

You definitely should click over to Corey's post.  Her coat turned out so expensive looking and those buttons are the coolest. * T'onna from USS Crafty made a patchwork of upcycled denim before cutting it out for her son's Mackinaw.  Between that and the cozy fleece collar this one is a stunner. * And stunning doesn't begin to describe Lindsay's coat.  This was one of the first to use a dramatic collar in the same fabric as the main coat and it really is just as dramatic as a contrast would be.  I adore how it turned out. * Janai's boy is looking super cool in his Mackinaw as well!

The french countryside is the perfect backdrop for this young man's coat.  Gaelle did a splendid job of picking just the right fabrics for him. * Miranda's coat looks great on her boy and I love the use of white snaps down the front. * Gena used an old blanket to cut out her coat for this gorgeous girl and since Mackinaw coats were traditionally made from woolen blankets it was so fun to see this version pop up. * Emi always blows me away with her makes and this striped coat is no exception.  Her husband picked out the fabric and I have to agree he has great taste.

Rachel's girl looks so happy in her Mackinaw.  The use of similar fabrics on the sleeves and back yoke are just different enough from the main to make a great impact. * Diana used stripes in different directions and a unique button placement to mix up her boy's Mackinaw and the result is fantastic. * Shannon used a lovely plaid for her boy and you know he's cozy with that fleece around the collar. * I love Meriel's use of a fun owl fabric for her little boy.  It looks great with that denim.

Katie also used different fabric for the arms and yoke and I couldn't love it more!  You need to click over to see the color she used for her buttons.  I adore the combination! * The colors Bec used for her boy's Mackinaw along with the contrast topstitching is just amazing. * Angie made TWO fluffy coats that both turned out fantastic.  Her girls are styling in this post and I love how they complement each other,but aren't matching. * And Randi used the exact fabric I'd been searching everywhere for and couldn't find.  Her coat is right on trend.

Last, but not least is Raechel's Mackinaw coat.  Her girl looks beautiful with the two complementary blues she used for her Mackinaw and I love that floral fabric she used for the lining.

So now that you've had some inspiration, don't forget to grab your Mackinaw Coat pattern from UpCraft Club (*affiliate link) before the MACK15 coupon code expires.  Come back Monday for the first section of sewing the coat and see below for the full schedule of the Mackinaw Coat sew-a-long.  You can share your progress using the hashtag #dbcaMackSAL on Instagram and as always you can use the #designsbycallajaire and #themackinawcoat hashtags to see what everyone else is making.  Share any finished coats in the Designs by Call Ajaire facebook group as I know we'd all love the inspiration!

March 3rd - Sew the (optional) Bound Buttonholes
March 4th - Sew the Outer Coat
March 5th - Sew the Coat Together and Bag the Lining
March 6th - Final Touches and Sharing

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