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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Clubhouse Cushion - One Thimble Issue 10

Issue 10 of One Thimble is out and it is packed with articles, patterns, and inspiration.  But then again, we'd expect nothing less from One Thimble at this point, right?  I love when I hear that a new issue of One Thimble is releasing because I know I can count on the quality of the patterns and will thoroughly enjoy the articles.  This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are mine.

The first pattern I chose to review is the Clubhouse Cushion (*affiliate link).  I fell in love with the oversized look and thought it'd be perfect for Bean to drag around the house.

Two years ago, I made Bean some smaller cushions and they've been well loved, but it was time to step up to something a little bigger.  This is the perfect size for Bean to bring outside once the weather warms up and she's very excited about it.  For now, it'll be used in the sunroom for lounging and watching some tv.  Just to note: I didn't have enough bean bag refill (*affiliate link) to fill the entire cushion and when I went to try to find some locally to get some new pictures for this post (while waiting for the new bag from amazon), my vehicle got a flat tire which squashed those plans.  So just pretend for the sake of this post that the cushion is twice as fluffy hehe.

The patchwork top is a great place to use some stash fabrics which is exactly what I did.  I used some corduroys, denims, linen, and a poplin.  The pattern uses measurements for cutting out all the pieces which works out well with using different fabrics.  One of the pattern pieces and a great detail of this pattern is a big chunky handle.  Bean immediately found the handle and started dragging it around.

The outer cushion has a big zipper to make it easy to get the inner cushion in and out.  Bean wanted her panda Pammy to show you the zipper, hehe.  I used this long outerwear zipper from my stash which worked out great.

The inner cushion is where you put the refill beans.  This is great because it means you can remove it and wash just the outer cushion when it gets dirty.  Bean has been told she's not supposed to touch the zipper which is why she's making such a silly face here.  She's practically sitting on her hands, hehe.

The inner cushion uses a smaller zipper to contain those beans.  I made sure when I put it inside the outer cushion that this zipper was on the other side and not accessible just in case Bean does decide to open that outer zipper.  The last thing we need is bean bag beans all over the place!

And just one more pic to show you how fluffy the cushion is meant to be.  When I push all the beans over to one side it's just right.  I can't wait for that second bag to arrive!  Bean is really happy with her new Clubhouse Cushion and so am I!

I definitely recommend purchasing the entire One Thimble ezine (*affiliate link) vs the individual patterns since there is so much value in the magazine.  There are 26 articles on top of all the patterns!  The pricing on the One Thimble page is in Australian dollars, so for those in the US the price as of this posting is under $20 which is amazing.  Check out the rest of the tour and see all of the fun things everyone is making with this issue!  Oh, and don't forget to enter the giveaway too!

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