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Thursday, March 3, 2016

World Book Day

It's World Book Day and Rebecca of Dobbin's Bobbins organized a few of us to have a mini tour to celebrate!

We love books around here.  Bean has been "reading" since she was a baby.  Don't believe me?  Check this out:

Hehe, she was super cute though huh?  Anyway, Bean really does love reading and is just now starting to read on her own.  She'll be in kindergarten in the fall and they start learning to read pretty much right away so I'm not in any hurry for her to learn.  She however is not satisfied not knowing how to do it herself so she's sounding out words and each day it seems like she recognizes more sight words when I read to her.

Recently, Bean's Nana sent her The House at Pooh Corner (*affiliate link) and she carries it everywhere calling it her "chapter book."  Mostly she makes up stories while running her finger along the words, but in the past week she is actually completing a few real sentences on her own before changing the story to suite her imagination.  It's pretty fun to watch.

When I heard World Book Day was coming up I knew we'd have to do a Winnie the Pooh inspired look since it's been her favorite for years.  But then when The House at Pooh Corner arrived I was completely sold on the idea.  Christopher Robin dressed in those blousey tops with a peter pan type collar?  I knew the Eleena Dress turned top would be a great representation.  It's not an exact replica, but it's along the same vein and vintage so I think it works perfectly.

Bean was very excited about the idea and said Pammy needed to pretend to be Winnie the Pooh.  She was fixated on the idea of pointing a stick at Pammy like on the front cover and it cracked me up.  At first I wasn't even sure what she was doing!

When I think of Christopher Robin I think of a red balloon.  I'm not totally sure why?  Maybe from one of the Disney films?  Anyway, it was fun trying to get calm, non-blurry pictures of Bean while strapped to a balloon, hehe.

I love how Christopher Robin's shirt flows in this illustration from the book and it just screams Eleena to me.

This time for the Eleena I used the short sleeves and a wispy fabric in anticipation of spring and warmer weather.  Of course it's freezing today and just started snowing a few minutes ago, so spring may be a little further away than I hoped.

This is another illustration I used for the inspiration.  There aren't too many illustrations in this book, but the few represented are lovely.

For the shorts I used the E-2 pattern from the Japanese sewing book Kids Clothes Sewing Lesson (*affiliate link).  I used the same pattern and size (110) for my last Top Stitchers post in the fall and I love the look and how quickly they come together.

If you want to learn more about World Book Day or just see more inspired looks you can check out the rest of the posts during the tour:

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