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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bimaa Winner

I just wanted to drop in quickly to announce the winner of the Bimaa Sweater pattern giveaway from last week.  The winner is Michelle M from Handmade Martini.  Congratulations Michelle!

If you aren't Michelle, you can buy the pattern here.  As I'm sure you've noticed around the internet it's a big hit right now so you'll definitely want the Bimaa Sweater pattern in your stash.  And stay tuned, because next week I'll show you Bean's Halloween costume which was made using a Bimaa Sweater for the top. 

In other news, the Anywhere Dress (*affiliate link) from Go To Patterns is on sale for a limited time.  This is a big favorite around here.  I've made three of them that are worn ALL THE TIME and used the basic shape for my ABC Shawl Collar Dresses too. 

I'll be back soon with some Halloween-y posts...

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  1. I'm SO excited! I've already got fabric picked out and the pattern printed! Thank you!


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