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Friday, May 13, 2016

One Thimble Issue 11 - Crossover Flounce Dress

My Crossover Flounce Dress pattern has been released!  This dress has been floating around in my head since this post from back in 2014 and it's so fun to have it finally out there for other people to use.  This post contains affiliate links, but all opinions are mine.

It's available in Issue 11 of One Thimble (*affiliate link) or as a stand alone pattern (*affiliate link) from their site.  I'm so excited to have a pattern in One Thimble as it's my favorite sewing magazine.  I had an article published in OT last year, which was cool, but this was a goal of mine and I can't thank the people involved with One Thimble (I'm looking at you, Jen!) enough for this experience.

The theme for this issue is Urban Jungle so when I found this cool Zebra fabric at JoAnn I thought it'd be perfect!  Since the dress is fully reversible, I used a fun black and white print for the reverse bodice and for the peek-a-boo second flounce.  Yes!  This dress is two dresses in one!

The sizing is from nb to 12 years and this one I made for Bean in size 5 flounce, chest, hip, and bodice length with the 4t neckline.  You can see it's a bit big on her since she's really a size 4t for this dress, but I want it to fit for kindergarten in the fall since we won't be able to wear longer sleeves once the weather changes here.  The extra width in the chest and waist will be welcome in six months, I'm sure.

The pattern includes cap or long sleeves, but for these 3/4 rolled up sleeves I just cut the long sleeve at the 6 month cutting line.  It's STILL raining and dreary here - a record number of days for Maryland - but as soon as the sun does come out it'll be super hot and a longer sleeve wouldn't work.

There is no back closure on this boatneck shaped neckline, but I do include a cool button-less elastic keyhole closure option for those that have a larger head.  The pattern has the finished neckline opening measurements, so by measuring the circumference of your child's head and comparing you should have an idea of whether or not to include the keyhole.  Especially in the toddler sizes,it might be necessary.

I've made a few Crossover Flounce Dresses for Bean already, and she still is in love with the twirl factor.  I don't think it'll ever get old.  The two offset flounces really make the skirt fly when you spin around so you may want to have some shorties on hand for your girl.  It'll be impossible to stop the twirling once it stops, hehe.

And you won't want them to stop spinning, cause it makes for so much joy, doesn't it?

Bean may have taken the Urban Jungle Wild Things theme a little too literally, but I still think your girl needs this urban cool style dress in her wardrobe.  That it's reversible is just the icing on the cake! Pop on over to One Thimble to check out the other patterns and articles in Issue 11 (*affiliate link) or you can purchase the stand alone pattern here (*affiliate).  I know you're going to love it!

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