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Monday, January 6, 2014

Project Run & Play - A Look Back

This post was originally up at Foster Ramblings and I thought with the 8th season of Project Run & Play starting a week from today, it was the perfect time to bring the post home.  You can click on the pictures to go to the original posts. 

Project Run & Play is one of my favorite blogs, so I was more than ready to oblige Maegen's request for a look back at some of my favorite sew-along outfits.  I've been sewing along since the beginning of season three in January of 2012.  My daughter was born in May 2011 so it's a fun look back at some of the many things I've made for her.

I have to include my first sew-along outfit which was a remix of Craftiness Is Not Optional's June Bug dress tutorial (which is a full blown pattern now!).  I called it the Jan Bug Jumper and I like the fun buttons which are attached with a ribbon (note to self: I need to use buttons like those again soon). 

This Chevron Fleecie was a great project too.  It was my first real outerwear item I drafted for Bean and it came out just as I pictured.  This was also back from Season three so it was before chevron had really inundated the market, but I liked the subtle front and back chevron color blocking.  Bean was able to wear it all last winter too since I purposely made it a size too big in 2012.

My Summer Shromper was made in 2012 during Season four for the Remix of Dana's Circle Skirt tutorial.  I love a good romper and who knew the summer of 2013 would be the summer of rompers?  This was the same color scheme as the Jan Bug Jumper which I adore.  I need to get my hands on more of that jean/linen fabric, hehe.

Peggy's Purple Dress was made during Season five for the Fashion Icon theme.  I chose Peggy from Madmen which was a little odd, but I am (still) obsessed with the change in the character's fashion choices as she progresses through the show.  Bean wore this and a pink version of the dress I drafted consistently last year.  Oh, and the black turtle neck I made as a first muslin.  She wore them enough that I'm considering grading the bodice/sleeves to make one that fits this winter.

Since this is turning into sort of a season-by-season favorite list, I have to include my Elephant Party Dress which was the Cottage Home's Party Dress remix in Season 6.  The color combination is fun and I love the wide band around the front.  It as also the start of my interest in knit top/woven skirt combos so once again Project Run & Play served to inspire.

And finally my favorite overall and it just happens to be a part of the All-Star Season.  The theme was Inspired By Art so I used Emily Carr as a muse for this Emily Carr Sunshine Dress.  I really love the shape of this dress and Bean was also able to wear it this summer as a tunic with leggings.

Project Run & Play has been the number one source of inspiration to me for making clothes for my girl.  There are other sew-alongs and series that I've grown to love, but Project Run & Play will always be special to me.  Outside of just inspiration it really introduced me to the sewing blog community which has been so supportive and without which I wouldn't be here guest posting at Foster Ramblings.  Thank you Maegen for a fun trip down memory lane.


Since this post went up before Season 7, I thought I'd update with my favorite item that was made for that season.  A remix theme is always a favorite of mine and in Season 7, the Oliver & S Popover Sundress was a fun choice.  I have to say this Popover Rugby Shirt gets worn all the time.  It looks so comfortable on Bean and since I made it a little big it is fitting so well still.  Drafting the sleeves to fit a bias tape arm hole wasn't easy, but it was so worth it for such a great fit.

For those of you who follow along with Project Run & Play, what are some of your favorite themes?  I can't wait to see what everyone is making this season.


  1. Love the rugby shirt! and that Shromper is really adorable too. I'm planning on doing some sewing along this time!

  2. The popover rugby shirt is my favorite from this list. It fits her so well.


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