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Friday, January 6, 2012

Jan Bug Jumper {June Bug Dress Remix}

The great ladies over at Project Run and Play have decided that this season they'll have a contest each theme week for those of us not officially competing to play along at home.  I really enjoyed the past seasons (this is season 3) and I'm excited to see what the designers come up with each week.  I'm a big fan of Project Runway and this is even better since it's kids' clothes!

This week's theme is Pattern Remix.  Each of the other seasons has done a pattern remix week as well and it's been a fun theme.  The pattern this time is from Jess at

(who I follow and really enjoy reading)

The pattern to remix is her June Bug dress.

I remember when she posted the pattern for this dress, I really loved the cute buttons on the bib front.  So of course I was excited about trying to make something for my little one (Bean) using the June Bug dress as inspiration. 

The only rules were once we're done sewing, we post a picture (and a link to a blog post if desired) to the Project Run and Play flickr group and this has to be something we made recently - as in since the contest was announced.

I've decided this year I really want to sew more.  After moving so many times over the past few years and not having a good setup to sew in I finally have the space in our home to create a sewing area and it's calling to me.  I just need some inspiration.  That's where Bean comes in.  If Project Run and Play is the inspiration, then lets call Bean the muse, hehe.

What I came up with this week is a romper which can be paired with a short or long sleeved shirt depending upon the season.  I had this great jean-look wearable linen in my stash (oh we'll get to talking about the ridiculous stash in another post, trust me) which I thought would be perfect.  I paired it with some fun pink fabric and then some pink topstitching to complete the look.

I call it the Jan Bug Jumper since it was made in Jan-uary hehe. 

A post with the basics of how I put together this Jumper is forthcoming (update - it's here).  But for now here's a couple of pics with Bean wearing it.


I also used part of a tutorial by Jessica from

(yes I follow and yes I love!)

I used the bottom/leg portion of her Drop Down Bottom PJs (which I made for Bean as well!) to deal with the leg snappy section.  It sews up so nicely I don't think I'll make a snap crotch pant any other way now.

I'm really pleased with how this turned out and it's become my favorite outfit Bean owns.  Next week's challenge is boy's clothes.  This may be more of a challenge for me since I don't have a boy to work with.  Lets just say you may see Bean in something not so pink next week hehe.

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  1. I totally love how you attached the buttons, it's innovative and so cute too! nice work!


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