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Friday, January 20, 2012

Through the Decades {Project Run and Play}

The 50s.  That's the decade I was inspired by this week.  Or more accurately it was the following picture which I found on Pinterest that did it for me.

Although I was more inspired by Jean-Jaques' outfit than either of the girls so I guess I caught the sewing for boys bug hehe.  This time I wanted to turn up the girliness though!

I've had this gorgeous blue bottom weight fabric for years.  I've been waiting for the right skirt or dress for myself to emerge, but with Bean's bright blue eyes I thought it was perfect for her.  When the ladies at Project Run and Play mentioned the Sewing Through the Decades theme I knew I wanted a Peter Pan collar, poofy and a little frilly short legs, short sleeves, and a button down front.  Out of all that came the Joanie Jumper.

Bean's Nana (Joanie) has the same gorgeous color of blue eyes so I thought the name suited.  You can see the poofy legs which are created by the knife pleats in the front and some gathering in the back.  They get a little frilliness from skinny elastic at the hem.  As usual, I made a snappy crotch to make diaper changes easier (though Bean has suddenly decided launching herself from the diaper table is an AWESOME idea so "easier" is relative).

I also wanted to crochet some shoes for Bean to wear.  I love this pattern from Sylver Designs on Etsy.  I've made a few of the cross over strap mary janes for friends' babies, but I thought it was time Bean had her own pair.  To fit with the 50s theme I thought I'd do some color changes and make them look like saddle shoes. 

Disclaimer: I haven't crocheted in a while and to be honest I MUCH prefer knitting.  Knitting seems to be more neat and tidy in the finished product.  But wow I forgot how quick crocheting is.  Also how easy color changing is. 

They came out pretty cute for an on the fly decision, hehe.

In the picture on the right they are hanging on the closet door which is why you see the mirror in the background.  I didn't think about how hard it would be to take a good picture of shoes made out of yarn, hehe.  But lordy that picture on the left is cute.  Chunky baby feet,  hehe.

Last but certainly not least here are some pics of Bean in the Joanie Jumper.  They show a little better how the short pants poof.  If I could get her to sit still it would be nice to get a normal picture of her.  But for now these crazy action shots will have to do.  Little lady is feeling under the weather, but these were taken post nap (a LONG nap!!) so she was temporarily silly, giddy, and happy. 

Yes, she's eating one of the precious shoes....

The picture on the left looks like she's saying something like "you little whipper snapper."  Oh and before my older sister asks: no, she's not hanging from the closet by a hook.  She's lying down in her crib, hehe.

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  1. she does look like she's on a hook--haha! Or she looks like she's going down the summit plummit and enjoying it!!!


  2. How cute! I love seeing an older pattern getting used!

    If you're interested, we're hosting our first ever link up party. Please stop by and link up!

  3. ha i hadn't thought that she looked like she was hanging until you said it, but that might be the best way to get pictures from now on! just duct tape her to the closet door for a second.

  4. what a sweet little outfit! love the crochet booties too...i've done about three different pairs for my munchkin and i can't seem to get the sizing right--they either are too small or fall right off!!!

    hehehe...duct taped to the closet...hahaha ;)

  5. she is so incredibly adorable!!!!! and the outfit is simply precious!!!! : ) hugs...


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