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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sharing the Pain {Blogger's Choice Bundle}

Well, Laura has decided to help the judges out a bit and do a reader survey to see which bundles are the favorites out there.  There are so many goods ones!  I had already picked a few I liked and visited those ladies, but it's fun to be able to vote now too.  You can pick your favorite three out of the 341(!) submitted. 

My favorites are:

335 - Mine, hehe!  Well, come on... if mine isn't my favorite then all that effort I put in choosing the best matches for MY blogger's choice was for nothing.  Also, Laura said it was fine to vote for ourselves :)

311 - Lynne from Le Petit Cardinal Rouge's has a similar feel to mine.  Hers has a deeper pink color theme that I really like.  The fabric at the left two down from the top is the same as in mine at the right two down from the top.  They are just slightly different thumbnails :)
111 - Lisa from Six Munchkin Stitching's has a few fabrics that I went back and forth about.  I also love the giraffe print!
So take a minute and go vote for your favorites!  I'd love to hear which ones you choose.

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  1. I thought I would try to judge but my eyes just cross. Too many choices. How could I pick?


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