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Friday, January 13, 2012

Froggy Shromper Boy and Girl Styling

Below is how I changed up the Froggy Shromper (for Project Run and Play) from boy's styling to girl's.

First a few pics of the boy's styling since it is technically still Boy's Week. 

As you can see, the boy's style is straightforward and plain.  I didn't want to embellish too much, though I thought details were important.  So I created some pockets including a fun upper pocket that is shaped like a froggy's mouth to go along with the big white froggy-eye buttons.  I fully lined the shromper in a creamy fabric with green vines that I have a ton of and LOVE.  Once again everything I used for this project was in my stash. 

For shorts, the legs are a bit long for Bean right now, but I really would like this to fit her (the buttons are adjustable) in the spring so I left them longer.

Now that Bean has so many teeth, she has started doing this cheesey toothy grin that looks hilarious.  I love it.  Her hair is also growing like crazy and sticks up every which way, hehe.

As far as any other detailing, it should be noted that I used a snappy crotch for the inner leg seam and inside each leg hem is elastic which pokes out underneath through eyelets.  I then use these along with a cute little flower I crocheted lickity split to transform the shromper for a girl.

You can see in the above picture how the elastic comes out of the right side eyelet and then gets buttoned to the left side button in order to pull some tension on the elastic in the hem and create some rouching.  For the boy's styling, the elastic simply buttons on it's own side (ie the elastic coming out of the right eyelet wraps around the right button).  This little bit of tension is enough to make a difference in the leg hems.  I think it's really cute when a shromper bubbles above the knee.  Pair with some tights (couldn't find them since our trip!) or leggings and attach the flower to the button on the back of the shromper and voila!  Girl!

It's subtle, but really makes a difference when it's on.  I think with tights it'd be even cuter.  If I can ever locate Bean's cute pale pink ones I'll snap a pic and you'll see, hehe.

But for now:

I am not kidding when I say it's nearly impossible to get pics of her these days.  These ones don't do the transformation justice, but I must say they're pretty cute all the same, hehe.

If anyone's interested in seeing more pics or hearing more about the construction of the froggy shromper just leave a comment and let me know!

**Update**  I forgot to mention that I used this pattern which I found on Pinterest for the flower.


  1. I love the versatility! What a great idea, and it's true that even small changes can make a huge difference in the overall look. That flower (and baby) is adorable.

  2. I definitely like the flower on the back. Especially because once she is crawling, everyone will know she's a girl even from the back.

    That grin with her mohawk hair is just insane. Are you sure you aren't raising a redneck baby?

  3. Haha it's really not nearly as much of a mohawk as it looks in that pic. That is how she smiles lately. She scrunches up her nose and puts her teeth together. It makes me laugh. You should have seen the pics I deemed NOT worthy of showing, hehe.


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