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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Are You Sick... Or Just Sick of Blogging?

My older sister blogs over at lia sophia tomgirl and I have her feed in my google reader.  I noticed yesterday that she hadn't posted in a week or so which is unheard of. She always has something to say out there and I know she enjoys blogging has an addiction so I wasn't sure what was wrong.

I of course noticed this in the middle of the night while nursing my teething baby so I didn't give it much thought. But by morning when yet another day had gone by with nary a word I got a little nervous. I started thinking maybe she was sick. Or maybe she had an accident. Maybe there was a meltdown on the compound.

It should be noted that I live 600 or so miles away from the rest of my family. My older sister lives across the driveway from my parents in the "old house" and there is a campground and car wash on the premises. This is lovingly referred to as the compound. It should also be noted that my older sister doesn't "do" Facebook so her blog is the main point of contact that I have with her. Ok maybe it can't be considered contact when it's only one way (hey, google reader makes it tough to leave comments, ok?!?!), but it's still my best source for her ridiculous stories and happenings between the too infrequent Skype calls we seem to find time for.

Back to yesterday morning and my strange feeling that something bad had happened. I sent her an email asking "hey why so quiet on the blogging front?" and she didn't reply right away. Yes she's a teacher and therefore has a good excuse (aka working during the day on a weekday) but I still got more nervous as the day went on. Finally I got an email back saying she had posted eight (!) times since I had last seen a post and she was worried about her feed. She thought things had seemed awfully quiet in the comments realm, but was otherwise unaware there was an issue. So she spent some time last night trying figure out what went wrong and somehow she must have figured it out because during Bean's early morning (like WAY early) teething nurse, all those previous posts showed up finally in my reader.

Crisis averted.

I did find it funny however that in her reply she wrote: "sick for 8 days and mom didn't call to let you know."

It hadn't even crossed my mind to pick up the phone and ask someone if there was an issue. It was a weird test of cyberland meets reality and I failed miserably.

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  1. K-ster said "hell, even if you were sick for 8 days, you'd find time to blog" which is totally true. So if I really don't blog for any period of time, someone better get on the phone!

    I guess I'm a tech genius because it's all better now. The blog was sick, I think.


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