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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chevron Fleece {Project Run and Play}

I'm excited to be done with Outerwear week at Project Run & Play by Thursday afternoon instead of taking it down to the wire Friday morning like I have the past few weeks.  I knew when they first announced the theme weeks in December that Outerwear would be one I enjoyed. 

For Christmas, Bean got a nice L.L. Bean fleece suit that she's been wearing which we love.  It's fits nicely now, but she's growing like crazy so I want to have a back up for when her arms and legs inevitably outgrow her current one. The fit is loose now, but it's exactly as I was hoping it would turn out.  Lots of room to grow!

A couple of years ago I did a promotion on black Friday for Macy's and Ocean Spray.  They gave me a gigantic bright blue fleece to wear and since it had both of their logos on the front AND didn't fit I knew I'd never wear it again. 

But there was so much of this nice fleece that of course I couldn't just throw it away.  So add it to the stash I did and it turned out it was perfect for this project.  I forgot to take a pic before I cut it all up, but you get the idea, hehe. 

I added some purple fleece that I had small pieces of in my stash.  My mother once gave me a big bag o' fleece bits that she got from who knows where.  There are some good pieces in there, but also a lot of crap.  I found this nice purple color that I thought would make the fleece jumpsuit a little more girly.

I had fun making a chevron on the front and on the back of the fleece.  So even though the color combo feels very 80's snow suit to me, I was hoping the chevrons would give some interest and modernity to it!  I also used a green blue knit fabric in my stash for the hand, foot, and head edges hoping for the same effect.  There was something about that color blue and the pastel purple that killed me until I added the green blue to it.  That helped bring it back to 2012.  Or at least it did for me, hehe.

You'll also notice above that I used a two way zipper for the front so that I can easily change Bean's diaper without unzipping the top of the jumpsuit.  That makes me feel a little better about those occasional chilly car seat changes.

I brought Bean outside to take a few pictures and she was SO happy to be out.  She loves being outdoors and we haven't done it too much in the past few weeks due to weather.  I am looking forward to the spring when we can be outside almost every day.

In other news... she's sitting up on her own now which is cute, hehe.

The following pics were barely taken before she was trying to take off.  Even though you can tell the arms and legs are too long, it didn't seem to impede her!

Lastly, I did crochet her a hat too, but I forgot to bring it outside with us.  Oh well, it's just as cute on her inside, hehe.

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  1. Cute as a button! Good job. Love the blue. The hat is cute but she looks like she won't have it on long! :)

  2. Great way to UPcycle that fleece :)

  3. adorable!
    You should join me for handmade 52!

    1. I love this idea and I'm definitely linking up. Thanks!

  4. Great job! Looks so comfy. =) and what an adorable model!

  5. I think she's channeling Jack Tripper again with the tracksuit. Too bad it's fleece and not velour :)

    1. Hehe I can't believe I forgot about the Jack Tripper laugh. She doesn't do that as much anymore!


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