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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jan Bug Jumper How To {June Bug Dress Remix}

I knew when playing along with the Project Run and Play June Bug dress remix week that my remix would be a romper. I wanted something for Bean that could be worn with a long or short sleeved onesie. She has a purple striped jumper from the gap that I love on her for the same reasons. So I used a mix of the Junebug top minus the sleeves, Jessica from me so crazy's method of snappy legs from her Drop Bottom Pjs, and the purple jumper shape for the bottom. The following were the steps I took.  But first the formula hehe.

I drafted the pattern pieces using butcher paper, a shirt that fits Bean well, and the purple jumper.  Not pictured is also the crotch piece (that diamond sort of shaped piece) and the strips of jean fabric needed for the snappy portion.  Those were just the length of the entire inner leg seam of the purple jumper by 2in and one by 3in (a la the Drop Bottom Pjs).  

I cut all of the pieces out of the jean colored fabric except for the bib portion of the top.  That was cut from a fun pink fabric I had in my stash.

For the top of the jumper I really just followed the intructions for the Junebug dress, stopping when I got to the part where she sewed up the sleeves.  There I just turned under the seam allowance and then top stitched around all the top seams with a pink thread for a little more of a girly look.

For the buttons I hand sewed a piece of ribbon under the bib threading each button in the correct spot and tacking it down as I went.  I really liked the way the buttons turned out.

For the bottom I took the pieces I cut out and used the bottom portion of the Drop Bottom Pjs starting at step 12 and ending around step 19.  I love this method of snappy crotch hehe.  For the pants hem I took a rectangle of fabric about 8 inches wide by the length of the bottom edge of one leg.  Then I folded in seam allowances on the sides, folded the rectangle in half wrong sides together, and stitched up the sides.  The raw edge was sewn to the raw bottom edge of the pant leg and then top stitched with pink thread like the top.
I think my favorite part of the jumper (other than the buttons) might be the top stitching around the crotch.  The little pink stitching cracks me up hehe.

Finally I just gathered the bottom a bit to fit the top, sewed the top to the bottom, pressed the seam toward the top, and top stitched around the waist.  I made sure to make this part of the jumper wide enough to get it on Bean easily since there isn't a lot of give to the seam. 

I am really please with how the jumper came out.  Bean looks adorable in it. The little leg cuffs look business suit-ish which makes me smile, hehe.

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