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Monday, January 30, 2012

Imagine {Update}

I promised a Monday update on the "Imagine the Impossibilities" challenge over at The Cottage Market so here we go.

Bean is taking a crazy long nap this morning (!) so I had some time to tackle the stash.  Several big ziploc bags and a few tubs emptied later, it's not finished, but it's looking better!  (before pics here)

Entrance to the closet space

The top shelf will be saved for my scraps. 
I have plans for some fabric bins to sort by color, yay!

Hopefully I'll have some more time to work on it today (afternoon nap fingers crossed) and tomorrow so I can update for the linky party tomorrow. 


  1. Did you put those shelves in there? I don't remember that you had them. I tried the fabric boxes for colors but I failed, so I am using one of those hanging sweater holders that has 6 'shelves" in it. I have 2 side by side and it was a breeze to organize the colors. But, mine are mostly scraps. Your pieces are probably too big to fit in these things I am talking about.

  2. looking GREAT!!!! can't wait to see what you get done for tomorrow! remember to come on over and join the big linky party on my blog -- it will automatically put you on all six blogs : ) GOOD LUCK!!!! hugs...

  3. This is looking great!!! You are coming along nice. Thank you so much for linking up to the challenge!

  4. It's all about the first step! Thanks for linking up!

  5. It's coming along ...

    Thanks so much for joining our Impossibilities challenge!



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