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Friday, October 31, 2014

Day of the Dead Celebration

Melissa of Rebel and Malice is hosting a tour for Dia de los Muertos and I am excited to join in.  I love the idea of taking a day to honor those who have passed and celebrate their lives.

Traditionally, the 1st of November is celebrated with sugar skulls, bright colors, altars, and music.  Instead of mourning the loss of a loved one, this day is meant to be full of joy for a life that was well lived.  Fortunately Bean hasn't lost any loved ones in her young life, but one of our cats passed away in September.  I thought that this year the Day of the Dead would be a great way to honor Luna's passing.

I designed a Kitty Skull freezer stencil template which you can download for free here at Craftsy (*affiliate link).  The template could be used for stenciling, embroidery, or just for a fun coloring sheet for your kids.

I am pretty terrible at freezer paper stenciling, so I am completely amazed that I was able to pull this kitty skull stencil off.  Of course I put it on a Bimaa sweater since I'm obsessed with all things Bimaa.  the shawl collar is going to rock the internet this winter.  I'm sure of it

Bean is in love with this sweater.  She keeps petting it saying "that's my kitty skull," hehe.  

The last time we were at JoAnn fabrics, Bean picked out these cool skulls and begged for something made with them.  I decided pj pants were in order, so I made a pair of the Ruffle Pj bottoms from Once Upon a Sewing Machine.

And of course she's madly in love with them.  I hope you enjoy the stencil and I'd love to hear if you use it for something!  Don't forget to visit the other stops on the tour and there's even a giveaway!!:

October 27: From a Box - Paisley Roots
October 28: Crafty Lady Abby
October 29: Sewing Sober - Two Novembers
October 30: Handmade Boy - Ginger House Designs
October 31: Call Ajaire
November 1: Lulu & Celeste
November 2: Rebel & Malice (Last day to enter giveaway!)

Giveaway sponsors: EYMM  -  E+M Patterns  -  Golden Rippy  - Ginger House Designs

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  1. It looks great! love the stencil and the yellow color of the Bimaa.

  2. This is incredible!!!I love it, and will definitely get some use out of it! Thanks for joining the tour!!

  3. You have really got your money's worth on that pattern! Love the whole look.

  4. Amy, I love the bimaa. I have a couple more cut out too :)

  5. Thanks for having me! I really enjoyed making this little design :)

  6. Renee, the fabric is some leftover from a dress I made for her last winter. The yellow is perfect for the day of the dead since it's so bright and vibrant. :)

  7. I love this! I just posted today about a skirt I made for my teen and her sister's doll using the same fabric you used for the pants!

  8. Love the freezer paper stencil. I've had freezer paper for a couple of years and still afraid to use it! lol

  9. This is awesome Ajaire! I love the silver on that yellow :)

  10. I like it on the yellow because it's subtle. I can't believe she picked out the skulls for those pants. As a teacher, I see skeletons and skulls on all kinds of clothing and it's often the prettiest, most feminine girls wearing them. Can some one PLEASE tell me the allure??? I'm amazed that so young, bean is in love with skulls and not running crying from them. I still want to run away when I see them!!

  11. Thanks Amy!! I thought it was subtle, but I really wanted to use that bright yellow for this sweater :)

  12. Haha, I just wrote that I liked that it is subtle. I think she's a little scared of the skulls which is why she's obsessed with them. She likes to freak herself out a bit. But then she seems to not be afraid of them, like somehow she's owning the fear by pretending to like them. I have no idea, but really she asked for that fabric and then when she saw the pants she was out of her mind excited :)

  13. That's awesome Michelle! My girl is super into those sugar skulls :)

  14. Oh Susan, I am really the worst at freezer paper stenciling. I have tried other times and failed miserably :) One of the best tips I've read has been to do layers instead of the whole thing at once. So broke this stencil into sections and did it like that. That way if when I was cutting out the stencil from the freezer paper I wrecked a part I wouldn't have to redo the whole thing. It'd just be that section. Good luck!!

  15. That is a seriously FANTASTIC tip! Thanks:)


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