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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Marbella Dress

During the most recent Selfish Sewing Week, I decided I needed more dress patterns for myself and specifically a fancy-ish going out style.  As luck would have it, Kennis from Itch To Stitch was testing her Marbella Dress (*affiliate link) and I had the chance to join the testing group. 

From the first picture I saw, I loved the look of the Marbella Dress.  The boatneck is such a pretty shape and is really flattering.  Depending on your choice of fabric, this dress is perfect for a casual or a more formal dress.  For this dress I used a casual stretch denim, but I have some lovely fabric which I intend to use to make a fancy one for the holidays too.

The skirt front is a tulip shape, but what I really love is that the back is a pencil style.  As someone who is clearly bottom-heavy, I appreciate the back shaping this provides.  You can see a lot of thought went into this design.

And speaking of thought, the bodice side fronts have cup sizes you can choose from so the fit is really accurate.  I had to do some of my regular fitting modifications (swayback, for example), but because of the cup sizes (through D) I didn't have to do a Full Bust Adjustment which is a minor miracle.  I was really picky with getting the fit right for the muslins I made because I do intend to make a fancy dress with this pattern, but I have to say that the first muslin I made with no alterations fit better than any woven dress has in ages.  Again, I tip my hat to Kennis for her design skills.

Before I make the fancier dress, I'll fix the diagonal pull line across the lower bodice you're seeing in some of these pics.

That being said, I did make several small adjustments to get the fit just right and the best part is that the testing group really helped each other out with fitting.  I was excited to hear that there is an Itch To Stitch Facebook group where you can show off the lovely things you make, and I bet if you needed help getting your dress fitting just right, someone in the group would chime in and suggest an alteration for you.  And let's be honest, most of us need those minor adjustments to get things to have a flattering fit, right?   

Now one of the great parts of this pattern is the pockets!  They are perfect for holding your cell phone or keys and with the tulip shape of the skirt, they are well hidden.  

Of course since I had the camera out, Bean was in most of the pics I took.  I like to call this one "she's already out-posing me."  

Itch To Stitch is having a giveaway as part of the blog tour, so don't forget to head over there to enter (*affiliate link)!

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  1. Cute! This pattern looks pretty great... I'm very tempted!

  2. Ooh I love it, you are smoking hot!! Love the pockets, all my favorite dresses have pockets.

  3. You look awesome! I love this style on you! Can't wait to see the fancy version.


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