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Monday, November 30, 2015

Long Sleeved Paneled Sunsuit Christmas Dress - Cyber Monday

It's Cyber Monday and the last day of the Designs by Call Ajaire Etsy shop sale!  You get 40% off with the code DbCABLACK and if you join the Designs by Call Ajaire Facebook group there's a coupon code for 50% off.  That makes the Paneled Sunsuit pattern only $5 which is crazy.

I've been wanting to make a Paneled Sunsuit dress for a month or so and when one of my friends gave me yards and yards of this lovely maroon fabric, I thought it'd be perfect for a simple Christmas dress.

It was cold outside so the outdoor pics I had planned didn't work out, but I grabbed a couple inside so you could see how it turned out.  I love the classic A-line shape and the poof at the shoulder.  Bean was under the weather this weekend so while these pics look a little wild and unkempt, imagine her hair nicely coiffed, a pair of tights, and a nice pair of shoes hehe.

Instead of the faux piping at the front and back panels, I added lace with a bit of gold in it which didn't photograph well, but looks amazing in person.  Bean helped pick out the lace and was excited to see it in the final dress.

I also used gold thread for the topstitching and hemline.  The only change I made to the Paneled Sunsuit tank view was to add 11" to the size 6 length and about 2" to the width at the hemline.  Then I drew a line from the waist at a slight angle down to the hemline to make the a-line shape.

Just like all the Paneled Sunsuit bodices, this dress is fully lined so none of the seams are exposed.  You could easily make it reversible, though in this case I lined it with the same maroon fabric so I didn't bother.  What do you think?  With a pair of tights and fancy shoes I think this would be a perfect Christmas pageant dress.  Grab the pattern today while it's still on sale!

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