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Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy Homemade Parka

First I need to say how awesome the libraries around us are.  Our own county system is fantastic, but we are also allowed to use the neighboring counties' systems which means if our library doesn't have something, then there's a high chance one of the others will.  When I heard about You and Mie and Elsie Marley's sew along I searched the libraries for the Happy Homemade book and was shocked to find it.  I love looking through the entire book and even trying a pattern before I buy a sewing book.  The library makes that possible.

I've been wanting to sew a Japanese pattern for a while and even have a book with some adorable styles I'm dying to sew, but this was the push I needed to make that happen.  To be fair the version the library had was the new English version which helped a lot, but I'm totally hooked.

The sew along was for the view S Parka and I decided to go with a simple palette so Bean could wear it over anything this summer.  The sizing jumped from 2 to 4 so I sewed the 4 knowing this would be a layering piece.  It's the perfect size.

I used some double gauze from Imagine Gnats so it's light and airy, but will still make a great windbreaker. The main fabric is an off white color and so soft.  The hood lining is the double sided tiny dots in a pinkish color.

Once I traced the patterns and cut the fabric, the sewing went really quickly.  For sure all of the great details in the sew along helped with understanding the steps, but I'm a big fan of diagrams (probably the only one who LIKES putting together ikea furniture) so I think Japanese patterns will be a fun challenge.

And who doesn't love the elegant simplicity of the clothing?  I am thinking of extending the length and making one for a pool cover up.  Wouldn't that be lovely?


  1. It would be great for a pool cover up. I have my fabric for this and I'm excited to sew it up with the posts for help. And I'm also a total library geek- mine only carried the english version too but hey it still counts!

  2. yours is beautiful! such dreamy fabric and so cute on her. i love it!


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