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Monday, June 9, 2014

Sew-a-bration of Womanhood Wrap Up

It's been over a week since our last Sew-a-bration post and I'm still marveling at all the great looks that were added to the linky.  I am honored to be a part of a series this good and thank the Shaffer Sisters for asking me to cohost.  It was a fun month full of lots of inspiration, so let's take a quick look at some of my favorite things that were linked.

Starting from the top left, around clockwise, and then center:

Donna from Once Upon a Sewing Machine's striped Parisian Top - The Parisian is one of my favorite styles.
Amy from Sews N Bows' Simplicity 1804 - I love how the back turned out!
April from Modern Handmade's Polka Dot Angie Dress - Anniversary vacation to Palm Springs?  Yes please!
Kuka & Bubu's Plantain Tee Variation - I love it as a tank.
Nutta's Asymmetrical Bag - It's great seeing all of these new bags (pattern by Serger Pepper) popping up!
Major Moma from Without Directions' Burdastyle Wrap Dress - That green eyelet is lovely.
Jess from Gracious Threads' Reverse Applique Tank - Can you tell I'm ready for summer? hehe

Also, the winners of the giveaways were chosen by Rafflecopter and they are:
Audrey from Skirt Fixation won Bundle #1!
Amy from Sews N Bows won Bundle #2!
Michelle from Falafel and the Bee won Bundle #3!

Those bundles are pretty amazing so a big thanks goes out to the donors!  There were also so many great things linked up that I also want to say thank you to everyone who participated and made this series so fun.  In case you missed any of the contributors, here's the list again:


  1. Kukafera kukaandbubuJune 9, 2014 at 8:45 AM

    Ohhh! I had no luck on the giveaway... :_( But you featured my tank top!! Yippieyyy!! Thanks thanks a lot!! :-D

  2. Thank you for running this inspirational series and featuring my top :)

  3. I'm still so obsessed with this series. A little sad it's over!! Thanks so much to you, scary & the Sisters, and all the women who sewed for it. It was inspiring and such a positive experience.

  4. I love the change you made to the plantain tee! I haven't made one yet and I like this idea :)

  5. The Shaffer Sisters had a great idea didn't they? I love the series and was so happy so many of you participated!

  6. There was so much good stuff shared that I barely even saw it all! I think there is still a lot out there I need to look through. I'm really inspired to make a lot more for myself this summer. Thanks for joining in Amy! And congrats on winning the bundle!

  7. I'm still dying over that. I absolutely can't wait to start getting goodies! I must've done something nice because I'm getting blessings left & right.

  8. YIPEE! We won! Thank you so much for hosting this thoughtful series...we loved it!


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